Dingle Medical Centre

Skin Surgery


Dingle Medical Centre offers a range of skin surgery procedures for medical card patients and private patients. Most of these procedures are covered by private health insurance.

We welcome second opinions or referrals from other practices.


We offer the following services

Abscess drainage

Stitching of wounds in emergencies

Removal of foreign bodies, eg timber, glass etc

Skin biopsy to confirm the diagnosis of  skin lesions

Removal of moles and pigmented lesions

Removal of sebacious cysts

Removal of ingrown toe nails

Joint injections for joint pains

Insertion and removal of the contraceptive implant

Cryosurgery for removal of warts, verrucas and other skin lesions.


All skin lesions  and skin biopsies which are surgically removed are sent to the pathology lab in Kerry General Hospital where thay are examined  by a pathologist and a report is sent back to the GP.








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